Peterson Plumbing And Sand Pumping Under Slab Sand Pumping

Peterson plumbing and Under Slab Sand Pumping services provides you with all skilled professionals to meet all of your under slab needs.

Our licensed Master Plumber, will conduct a video inspection of your under-slab plumbing to locate and problems and their exact location.

Once the problem areas are located, our skilled equipment operators carefully excavate the soil from under your slab to expose the pipes so the required repairs can be made. All of the old soil and debris are hauled away in an effort to keep your home and the work site clean.

When the excavation process is complete. Our plumbers are able to come in and make the neccessary repairs. All pipe repairs are made with the appropriate PVC pipe and hung under the slab by stainless steal hangers to ensure that the lines stay in place. Once all repairs have been made, we inspect and test the lines to make sure everything meets the required guidelines set forth by your local plumbing laws and the all lines drain correctly. 

When the inspection and testing processes are done We start the final phase of the project, Sand Pumping. Our skilled professionals will replace all of the old soil that was hauled away along with any voids under or around your slab with dry sand that is blown in place with a high pressure air compaction process to ensure the very best results. 


Free Video Inspection with Sand Pumping Job

This is a $250.00 Value   Offer Valid Till January 1, 2016

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